Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring is here?

I was almost fooled by Mother Nature into thinking that is was spring. The snow had melted with the rain's help, and the temperature was above zero degrees Celsius. But, as always, the colder temperatures returned with the company of a chilling wind. Soon more snow was covering the ground. Today, the 11th of April, it is cold and damp. The forecast calls for more snow. Definitely a practical joke by Mother Nature.

I am late in posting my story, Ginger Rose, Please Raise Your Hand in the April issue of Fandangle. This issue is full of great stories and articles for you and your children to sit down together and read.

I have a story, The Fairy and the Frog, that has been accepted for the August 2007 issue of Stories for Children. This is a newer ezine for children. Check out it's first issue!

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