Monday, September 18, 2006

The Tiny Mouse

In the quiet of the night
In the stillness of the house
Came a muted little scurrying
Of a tiny, subtle mouse.

In the weak light of the moon
A serene shadow did befall,
That scared the tiny mouse
As it chased him down the hall.

The soft purring of a cat
Made his little whiskers twitch
As he darted down the hallway -
Not knowing which way was which.

He hurried in great silence,
Scampering across the floor.
Quickly searching for an exit -
Needing to find a door.

As he skidded ‘round a corner
He saw a chance to hide.
Charging through the cat flap,
The tiny mouse ran off outside.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Fandangle Magazine this month...

My poem, "Autumn Leaves" can be read in Fandangle Magazine this month (See link at the side.) Don't forget to check out "Ginger Rose, Stop, Drop and Roll" in Wee Ones Children's Magazine for September and October!