Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming in November...

November is only a few short days away. I have a new story coming out in Fandangle Magazine, called "No Peanuts Allowed." I wrote this story because it's hard for children to understand how serious some allergies can be. It seems hard for some adults, too. There are a lot of children who enjoy eating peanut butter for lunch at school. But what about those children who have peanut allergies? Would you still try to sneak in a PB & J sandwich? No one would know, right? Anyways, what harm could one sandwich do? Erika learns that we have rules for a reason when the student with the allergy is exposed to some sticky peanut butter on a pencil. She understands the importance of following the 'no peanuts' rule and realizes it is not the new student's fault.

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